California Intrastate Motor Carrier Authority

California Motor Carrier Permit (MCP)

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California has the world’s 8th largest economy and one in eight American’s lives in the Golden State. That means there are many opportunities for new and existing motor carriers to take advantage of the largest trucking market in the U.S. Whether you want to begin a local operation or are an interstate authorized motor carrier based outside of California and want to access the market, American Alliance Authority & Compliance (AAAC) specializes in California’s unique regulatory requirements to begin motor carrier operations.

From guidance on corporate registration with the Secretary of State office (if required), applying for a CA number, assistance with Employer Pull Notice compliance (if required), CHP’s BASIC Inspection of Terminal (BIT) program, and finally the Motor Carrier Permit (MCP) application, we will guide you through the entire process as a membership benefit. Annual dues are $341.

There are over 70,000 motor carriers registered with the California Department of Motor Vehicles and it can take as long as two months to receive approval to begin operations – longer if the wrong forms are used or incomplete. The application for a MCP now includes mandatory Carrier Inspection Fees (formerly known as CHP BIT fees). The MCP requires annual renewal with fees except for federally registered interstate motor carriers with current UCR fees. They are entitled to receive a non-expiring MCP that often has a reduced origination fee compared to the normal full year fee.

Don’t get scammed by other third-part providers of authority services charging thousands of dollars and not properly completing the processes. Our clients have ranged from owner-operators to Fortune 1000 corporations and benefit from no-charge continuing consultation as well as all of the following –

Association Membership

Receive one year membership with the Western States Trucking Association which includes our monthly magazine – Western Transportation News – to keep you updated on industry, regulatory, and legislative news from Sacramento to Washington D.C.

Access to Discount Programs

As an association member you have access to discount programs such as Michelin Tire National Account, a discount fuel program, health, vision and dental benefits, and much more

CSAT/DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing

Section 34520 of the California Vehicle Code requires you to be enrolled in a controlled substance and alcohol testing (CSAT) program if you meet any of the following criteria:

  1. Drive a vehicle such as a truck (including a pick-up) and towed unit or trailer (10,000+ lbs.) that together has a gross weight of 26,000+ lbs.,

  2. Drive single vehicles with a GVW or gross weight of 26,000+ lbs.,

  3. Drive a bus or limo with room for 16+ passengers (includes driver),

  4. Drive a vehicle that hauls hazardous waste of any size, weight or amount and requires a hazard materials placard.

Don’t pay hundreds of dollars for DOT mandatory drug and alcohol testing. With us you receive ONE Year Complimentary enrollment with American Alliance Drug Testing at no extra out-of-pocket costs for collection or testing!

PLUS receive a Company Compliance Manual!

An Industry Leading Packet of Safety & Regulatory Guidance

We provide the following:

  • Latest large-bound edition of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR’s)

  • The Out-Of-Service Criteria from the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance

  • Required Driver and Maintenance files and accident register

  • An organized binder containing all your registration information as well as easy to follow

    guidance on organizing and maintaining records as required by regulation.

  • A copy fo the California Vehicle Code (Title 13)

  • Blank CHP Certificate of Compliance form 809 (to be used when sub-hauling)

  • CHP – Controlled Substance and Alcohol Testing Checklist

  • CHP – Terminal Manager’s Compliance Checklist