USDOT Operating Authority – Interstate Motor
Carrier Operating Authority

Our unique program was designed as an innovative and cost-effective solution to get started as an authorized interstate motor carrier. Whether you are going to operate a tractor-trailer coast-to-coast, a hot-shot operation, port drayage, or haul hazardous materials, we have the expertise to make sure everything is done correctly.

The process of getting set-up legally means much more than just getting a USDOT number and operating authority from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). We’ll get you your USDOT number if that is all you need, but usually much more is needed and we’ve detailed many of those steps below.

Regardless of the years of experience you might have in the trucking industry, by using American Alliance Authority & Compliance you can be confident that you will have the necessary information to put in-place the safety management practices to pass your New Entrant Safety Audit mandated by federal regulation (§ 385.307(b)). This audit will occur any time after your third month of operation and approximately half of all new entrant motor carriers fail this audit – mostly because they were unaware of the requirements.

Pricing for our full-service authority package is $859*


*Additional fees apply for fleets with more than 2 trucks, hazardous materials/waste hauling permitting, DOT drug & alcohol supervisory training (if needed). We will perform additional services such as applying for intrastate operating authority at no additional cost other than the regulatory filing fee required by a state.

What’s included:

  • Apply for US DOT number
  • Apply for MC number (federal authority application)
  • File form BOC-3
  • Pay current year Unified Carrier Registration fee
  • Enrollment for one driver/one year in a DOT random drug & alcohol testing program
  • Open KYU account, New Mexico WDC account and apply for NY HUT decal (all as needed)
  • Guidance with opening state IFTA and IRP accounts (for California based motor carriers, we can open your IFTA account)
  • MCS 150 update to your US DOT number (all newly created numbers are out-of-date the minute they are created and need an update)
  • Templates to create your driver qualification (DQ) files, maintenance files and information on a federal safety audit all new motor carrier will have
  • Assistance with your federal safety audit
  • Access to discount program for Michelin tires, a national fuel program, DAT Load Board, and more