USDOT Operating Authority – Interstate Motor
Carrier Operating Authority

Our unique program was designed as an innovative and cost-effective solution to get started as an authorized interstate motor carrier. Whether you are going to operate a tractor-trailer coast-to-coast, a hot-shot operation, port drayage, or haul hazardous materials, we have the expertise to make sure everything is done correctly.

The process of getting set-up legally means much more than just getting a USDOT number and operating authority from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). We’ll get you your USDOT number if that is all you need, but usually much more is needed and we’ve detailed many of those steps below.

Regardless of the years of experience you might have in the trucking industry, by using American Alliance Authority & Compliance you can be confident that you will have the necessary information to put in-place the safety management practices to pass your New Entrant Safety Audit mandated by federal regulation (§ 385.307(b)). This audit will occur any time after your third month of operation and approximately half of all new entrant motor carriers fail this audit – mostly because they were unaware of the requirements.

Pricing for our full-service authority package is $859*


*Additional fees apply for fleets with more than 2 trucks, hazardous materials/waste hauling permitting, DOT drug & alcohol supervisory training (if needed). We will perform additional services such as applying for intrastate operating authority at no additional cost other than the regulatory filing fee required by a state.

What’s included:

Access to Discount Programs

Access to our industry leading PrePass program for $14.99 per month, Michelin Tire National account, Goodyear and Dunlop Tire National account, and TruckersEdge load board and more!

Nationwide DOT Drug & Alcohol Enrollment

Don’t pay hundreds of dollars for DOT mandatory drug and alcohol testing. With us you receive ONE year complimentary enrollment with American Alliance Drug Testing with no extra out-of-pocket costs for collection or testing! PLUS receive a Company Compliance Manual!

An industry leading Safety & Regulatory packet

We provide the latest large-bound edition of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR’s), the Out-Of-Service Criteria from the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, required driver and maintenance files and accident register. You also get an organized binder containing all your registration information as well as easy to follow guidance on organizing and maintaining records as required by regulation. Remember, you will face a mandatory safety audit and there are 16 violations of the regulations that will cause an automatic “failure” of the audit.

Quarterly monitoring of motor carrier profile

As a New Entrant Motor Carrier under federal regulations, it is important to check your safety profile as maintained by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. The new safety measurement system – Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) is used to target motor carriers for various levels of interventions based on crash and inspection data. We will monitor your carrier profile on a quarterly basis FREE for ONE year and send you the results along with information on how to improve your profile if necessary.

Employer Identification Number (EIN)

Because your authority application will be a public record available on websites, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration strongly encourages sole-proprietor owner-operators to obtain an EIN from the Internal Revenue Service instead of using your Social Security Number (SSN). If you don’t already have an EIN, we will get one for you prior to beginning the process.

US DOT Number

A DOT number is NOT authority to operate. It is actually your Motor Carrier Identification Report (MCS-150). You are required to make a biennial update or when changes occur to your business information. We will get your DOT number and assist you in making any updates during your first year of operation.

Operating Authority

Our fee includes one application for Motor Carrier operating authority (OP-1). Your authority will NOT be activated until the minimum amount of insurance ($750,000) has been filed with FMCSA. $750,000 is the minimum level required if you are hauling general commodities (non-hazardous), however, many brokers and shippers may require more. NOTE: While you may consider getting broker authority in addition to motor carrier authority, be advised that in order for broker authority to be activated a $75,000 bond must be posted with FMCSA. We have access to bond underwriters and the annual cost can be prohibitive for a new start-up.


Our fee includes filing your Designation of Process Agents for Service of Process (BOC-3) form. This is a one-time filing with FMCSA. Federal regulations require that you have someone in each state who can be served legal papers if necessary.

Unified Carrier Registration (UCR) registration

Our service includes filing your UCR application for up to 2 trucks. UCR fees must be paid annually.

NOTE: Current annual UCR fees as set by the UCR Board are: 0-2 vehicles $76, 3-5 vehicles $227, 6-20 vehicles $452, 21-100 vehicles $1,576, 101-1000 vehicles $7,511, and 1001 or more vehicles $73,346.

International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA)

We will supply you with the required forms and guidance to open your IFTA account and get decals. We can work directly with some state on your behalf, others require you to open the account.

Fuel Tax reporting

Once you open an IFTA account or accounts with Kentucky, New Mexico, and New York, quarterly reports must be filed to each jurisdiction. We can help file your reports. The cost is $99 per quarter per truck and includes filing in all four jurisdictions if necessary. Credit card is required.

International Registration Plan (IRP)

We will supply you with the required forms and guidance to apply for your IRP registration.

State Permits

If you need Kentucky, New Mexico, or New York permits, we will complete the application and submit it to the state with required fees (maximum 2 trucks). Oregon requires a $2,000 bond to be posted.

IRS 2290 (HVUT) Filing

In order to get your own base plate you must have a 2290 tax receipt showing you’ve paid the annual Heavy Vehicle Use Tax. For an extra $29 we can electronically file form 2290 for you to expedite the registration process and you will receive a voucher to send with a check to the IRS.

Standard Carrier Alpha Code (SCAC)

Not everyone needs to get a SCAC, but if you plan on engaging in cross-border trucking, hauling certain government shipments, or even hauling for some shippers, you will need to have a SCAC. After consulting with you about your needs, we will complete the application and file it for you ($64 application fee extra).